Migraine Headache Overview

Migraine headache is characterized by a throbbing headache of moderate to severe intensity. The pain is usually on one side of the head, but may involve both.

Migraine headaches may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and over-sensitivity to light, sound, or smell. Routine physical activity may aggravate symptoms. Migraine headaches can last a couple of hours or a couple of days.

Some migraine headaches are preceded by an aura. Aura symptoms include zigzag light patterns, flashing lights, and even blind spots. Aura are not always visual. Other senses, motor skills, and speech may be affected.

Many things trigger migraine headaches, including fatigue, stress, certain foods, or changes in the weather. Other triggers exist as well, so the onset of a migraine may seem random.

Our definition of chronic migraines is

  • At least fifteen days of headache each month for three months or more
  • Headache that lasts at least four hours
  • A trial and a tribulation

Many people who think they have been fighting “sinus” headaches all their lives actually suffer from migraines.

Medicines we use to prevent migraine headaches include anti-seizure/anticonvulsants, antidepressants, calcium channel blockers, or beta blockers, Botox® and CGRP (calcitonin gene related peptide) receptor blockers such as Aimovig®, Ajovy®, and Emgality®.

Medicines we use to break an active migraine headache include triptans, ergotamine, acetaminophen, NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin or ibuprofen) or combination pills.


Botox®, Aimovig®, Ajovy®, and Emgality® are prescription medicines used for the preventative treatment of migraine in adults (over 18).  You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA.  Visit MedWatch, or call 1-800-FDA-1088.  For more information refer to the medication guide or talk with your doctor.

What our Migraine Patients are Saying

Such an A-MAZING PA and staff that handled my migraine so efficiently and with such great care.

~Elizabeth W. April 27, 2019

I receive Botox injections from Dr. Kane for migraine treatment.  The treatment has completely changed my life.  Dr. Kane does a wonderful job with my injections - no side effects.  That is truly important.  Dr. Kane is so intelligent and compassionate about my migraine pain.  He is thorough in addressing "breakthrough migraines" and my medications.  His entire staff is kind, super efficient and helpful.  It's the best run doctor's office I have ever visited.

~Denise T. February 26, 2019

At 11am on a Friday, after CareNow, an ER and an ENT visit, I was referred to this office for headache\pain. The front desk actually found me a same-day appointment! The nurse that took my information was caring and promised the dr. would help me. When he came in and asked for all of the facts I worried he would be overly scientific but as soon as we laid out the facts he asked about my home\work responsibilities and the pain. We had very frank discussions about pain meds and I never once felt like he worried I was only after meds (can't say that about the other Docs I saw that day). In fact, I truly felt like Dr. Kane JOINED me in the fight to get better. Dr. Kane hadn't met me before but took everything I said at face value and trusted me like physicians should trust their patients. As a 40+ year old man, I cried through this appointment after feeling like someone finally HEARD me and was going to make it better.

~Bobby Lee W. October 3, 2018

It was such a relief to find a doctor that was actually interested in PREVENTING my daughters headaches rather than just try to figure out why she's getting them! Thank you Dr. Barry! We've waited a long time to finally get the right doctor.

~Kayli C. July 27, 2018

Saw Dr. Barry for intractable migraine. He was kind and listened to my concerns. I did not feel rushed, and had all of my questions answered to my satisfaction.

~Tammy W. July 8, 2018

Friendly Staff, always willing to fit me in for migraine shots, and works hard to help me become headache free!

~Laura M. January 22, 2018

Excellent Service from the second I walked in the door until he visit was over. I left feeling like I had a plan in place to help with my migraines.

Michael M. September 7, 2017

I feel so fortunate to have found Kane Hall Barry to help me with my migraines.

Heather R. April 20, 2017

Tracy is always a nice, pleasant caregiver. The infusions help my pain level of migraines immensely. Thank you for always being compassionate.

Lea Ann September 12, 2016

The people in the infusion room were great and very understanding of the pain the I was experiencing. They did all they could to make me comfortable during a difficult day. I am glad I was able to get in on the same day.

Danny June 4, 2016


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