Kane Hall Barry will continue to require anyone in our offices to wear a face mask.

Our offices are closed Thursday, July 13, 2023

For Records, Messages and Payment:

For Access to Records and Payment:

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staff questions

Ask the medical staff questions

patient plan

View / Print your patient plan

Appointment Info

View appointment information (past & upcoming)

medical records

Request your medical records

medical lists

Print medication lists


Request new medications and/or renew medications

pharmacy info

Update your preferred pharmacy information

patient info

Review patient education information

symptom checker

Utilize the symptom checker

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Click here to navigate to the patient portal

When you provide our practice with some key information, including your email address, you will be sent an invitation to join the portal. This invitation will be sent once every 10 days for a total of 4 attempts. If you have not received the invitation and would like to join the portal, please call 817-267-6290 option 4 to have our staff send you an invitation to join.

Click here and click on “I forgot my username and/or password”.  You will either enter your username or email that you used when signing up for the portal.  You will then get an email from [email protected] which will include a link to reset your password.

*If your email is associated with more than one account, you will need to enter your date of birth to continue.

  • Receive messages from the practice
  • View and manage appointments
  • Ask a Billing, Medical, Infusion, or scheduling question
  • Request a copy of your medical record
  • Request a refill and view your medications
  • Review your patient plan/health forms
  • Review Patient education information
  • Update your demographic information
  • Add or remove a trusted representative from your account

Yes!  Log in to your portal, click on “ask a question” (billing, medical, infusion or scheduling) and you have the option to upload a file as you ask a question.

You can also securely upload files outside of the portal by clicking here.  Be sure to include the patient’s name and date of birth on the documents if uploading this way.

Not at this time.  That feature will be implemented soon, we are happy to take payment over the phone.

Yes!  Log into your portal account, under “trusted representatives” click on “invite new”

You can determine the level of access you would like to give such as:

  • universal view / perform actions
  • view only
  • manage by category

Your representative will get an email from [email protected] and will need to know your zip code & date of birth in order to complete the enrollment.

*Please note – staff will not be able to tell if any portal interactions are initiated by the patient or the trusted representative.

Yes! Log into your portal account, under “trusted representatives” click on “edit” to change their setting or click on “unlink” to remove them from having access.

If access is removed, both the patient and the trusted representative will get an email notification of the change.

Yes! Log into your portal account. On the top right side next to “my account” click on the language to toggle between English & Spanish.

Please note – staff can only read and respond to requests in English

Log into your portal account, on the to right side click on the user icon (located next to “sign out”) to switch between accounts

Not exactly. You can request and appointment and a staff member will call you to get it scheduled, but at this time, you cannot directly schedule an appointment.

Yes! Log into your portal account

  • Click on “health record”
  • Check the box next to the notes you are wanting to print or share
  • Select “share selected”, “download selected”, or “Request consolidated health record”
  • If you select share you will be asked how you want to share the documents
    • Direct – an encrypted method that is used by health professionals (this would not be a personal account and will have “direct” in the address)
    • Standard Email – a typical email, NOT encrypted, these emails can be intercepted and are not a secure method of transmitting your health record, but is an option once you acknowledge it is not secure. The email will come from [email protected]

Consolidated Health Record – select a date range or complete record. Once the record is completed, you will receive an email that states they have a new secure message in the portal. Once you log in, open the message, click on the link that says “view health data”.  You will also now be able to find this under your “Health Record”

You will get an email notification that you have a secure message in your portal. 

  • Click on “health record”
  • Check the box next to the document you wish to view


  • Click on “messages”

The email will be there with a link to view the document

It can take up to 15 mins from the time staff sends the invitation for you to get the email

Log into your portal account

Click on Account, edit, preferences Tab

Check/uncheck the methods used to contact you. If you uncheck both methods, you won’t get notifications of any messages but can log in to your portal at any time to see them

For medical questions, reach us through your patient portal or call us 817-267-6290. This form is for general inquiries only and is not secured. Please do not use it to submit personal health information. The practice does not reply to health questions via email for security reasons. If you have a medical emergency, call 911 immediately.