Kane Hall Barry will continue to require anyone in our offices to wear a face mask.

Kane Hall Bary recommends everyone wear a mask while in our offices.

The Rolls Royce of DFW practices!!!

The Rolls Royce of DFW practices!!!

I must use an analogy to give my five plus years of experience with this stellar multi location practice it’s proper due. Having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s over five years ago was indeed both shocking and very humbling!! Striving to find anyone with this speciality coupled with a bedside manner who would provide a calm, warmth, knowledge and confidence led me to and through a handful of practices whom I quickly learned hung degrees but by no means made tackling and attacking this dreaded disease in a proactive mode their mission, rather these others made it appears somewhat bothersome and seemed to have preferred prescribing the typical meds, increasing the dosage as time goes by, with the exit strategy seemingly being to push one in a corner quietly to make room for the next Parkinson’s patient. From day one, now almost five years agi, the folks at Kane Hall Barry (KHB) totally embraced me, provided an extensive education to my wife and myself far more in depth than any research we’d done to date, and in quick order had distanced themselves from all others as without a doubt the frontrunner of all practices who specializes in motion disorders, neurological issues and Parkinson’s!!. My feelings and opinion is shaped from real touch and feel experience and is supported by pillars grounded on concrete NOT pillars on shifting sand like the other practices!!! KHB has so many attributes but one really stands out in this author’s eyes: 1) each and every employee within this practice is very well versed in their job skill, each really really cares and it shows, every member exudes that special team anf we feeling, and no matter which Dr you are paired with gravitate to as your go to Dr, they are all so equally skilled and are so dedicated to you and the mission at hand, you’ll feel like you’ve known them for years and your simply visiting friends during each and every appointment and no matter if it’s the Bedford or Keller facility as they are BOTH world-class!!!

Kane Hall Barry Neurology Keller March 2, 2018

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