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Top 10 Migraine Headache Triggers in Dallas-Fort Worth

Stacey Marino

That Virus:  Anxiety that you or vulnerable family and friends will get the Coronavirus can trigger migraine headache. This may be made worse by virus-related stress over lost wages, school closings, and social distancing.

Our plants: High pollen counts in Dallas – Fort Worth, including tree pollen (Spring), grass pollen (Summer), and ragweed pollen (Fall) can cause some people’s immune systems to overreact in a way that increases the chance of a migraine .

Our traffic: Commuting around Dallas – Fort Worth – constructions zones, tolls, jerks, and all those cars – is super stressful. And stress can trigger migraines.

Our food: Chocolate, aged cheese, processed food, artificial sweeteners, even Texas barbecue can trigger migraine headache in certain people, even if they are not “allergic” to these foods.

Our eyes, ears, and noses: Bright lights, loud noises, Axe body spray. If you are susceptible to migraine headache, never chaperone a middle school dance.

Our love lives: Some people get migraines after sex. Or other physical exertion.

Our hormones: Changes in estrogen levels before or during menstruation, or during pregnancy or menopause, may bring on migraines for some women. Hormone medications like birth control pills or estrogen replacement therapies may do the same.

Our Weather: A change in barometric pressure can trigger migraines. Happens all the time around here. It’s worse in Seattle, if that makes you feel any better.

Our Z’s:  Insufficient sleep – and sometimes too much sleep – can trigger migraines in some people.

Our ‘Boys: Some Cowboys fans get keyed up and anxious during games. Beer may be present. Neurochemicals get released, not always endorphins. Some Cowboys fans get post-game migraines.

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