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Ambulatory Infusion Center Focused on Autoimmune Disorders

Stacey Marino
Kane Hall Barry Infusion Suite
Bedford, TX

Over half a million people in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area live with chronic autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, CIDP and many more. There are several effective infusible drugs used to treat or manage these autoimmune diseases. 

Our 9 chair infusion suite is staffed by specialty infusion nurses, provides on-site supervision from our neurologists, and offers many amenities such as complimentary lunch, Wi-Fi, DVD players, pillows, blankets, and an overall serene environment.

Kane Hall Barry’s infusion coordinators are also experienced with pre-authorizations and financial assistance resources as well.

If you think infusion treatment is right for you, discuss your options with your doctor.

For more information about Kane Hall Barry’s infusion center, click here.  

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