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They were very kind and considerate. All of my concerns were addressed clearly, concisely and in a manner in which I could understand. Dr. Barry joked around a little bit which put me at ease because I was very nervous about some of the issues we are addressing. I had an eye appointment prior to my appointment with dr. Barry and due to unforeseen testing that needed to be done I was late for my appointment with dr. Barry. I called and explained my situation and they saw me regardless of the fact that I was 30 minutes late. Dr. Barry came in explained that he would see me but he had other patients that had gotten there before me that he would need to see first and apologize that I might have to wait a little longer. I was so impressed that he took the time to come to the exam room to speak to me and let me know that he would definitely get to me as soon as possible. That speaks a lot for his character and compassion for his patients.

~Sue Ellen G. Kane Hall Barry Neurology Keller July 1, 2018