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Our offices are closed Thursday, July 13, 2023

Such professionals at this office. Dr. Barry is very caring and thorough. I am a chronic patient, and by that I mean that I have been around the nation trying to get a diagnosis and treatment for it. I have left no stone unturned. I haven’t been able to find another neurologist that would take the time to even look at my records, which at this point are very extensive. Dr. Barry took the time to actually read them, (literally 3 years worth of records) when he talked to me. I know he didn’t have time to do that because his office was bursting at the seams, yet he didn’t rush through my appointment. He has set me up for future tests to nail down a diagnosis and is bringing in another doctor with a different specialty to also work on my case along with him. If you want to truly find out if you have a neurological problem and if so, what it is, you’ll go to this office. So thankful I found them…

Kane Hall Barry Neurology Keller May 11, 2019

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