Telemedicine Information-Virtual Visits

About an hour before your visit, you should receive a reminder about your appointment time.  The messages will include a link to join your doctor as well as a passcode for your virtual visit.

You can also join the visit by using this link:

Helpful points:

  • Find a quiet area with good lighting
  • Use a device with a camera and microphone such as a computer or smart phone
  • Ensure your device is charged
  • Close other apps to increase internet speed and sit close to your router if possible
  • Have your drivers license and insurance card with you
  • If you have a thermometer, scale and blood pressure monitor, keep them close-it will be helpful to have those readings during the visit
  • Make sure you have your current medications handy to review with the provider 


Select your doctor’s name from the drop down menu and click “enter room”

Enter your first and last name and the passcode that was texted to you and click “check in” (if you didn’t receive the passcode, please call us 817-267-6290 option 4 so we can give you one)

When you enter, your screen will look like this!  You will see your doctor on the right side and be able to type information int he box on the bottom right.


If you have technical difficulties, please call the office at 817-267-6290 option 4 so we can determine the best way to make sure you get the care you need.