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What Our Patients Say About Us

The office is a masterclass on how a doctor’s practice should be run. It’s efficient yet they’re able to work you in and spend as much time as necessary. They’re knowledgeable and care about getting you better. – Susan

Excellent process and simple. They had my information and I didn’t need to present anything more than an ID. I love it when doctor’s office make it easy for the patient…they did indeed!!! – Eric

I drive from my new home in San Marcos, just to stay with KHB! Very satisfied. – Bernadette

Vertigo Treatment by Board Certified Neurologists, in Greater Fort Worth and Online Throughout Texas

Vertigo is more than unpleasant dizziness. It can lead to stomach upset or, worse, a fall.

There are two types of vertigo, peripheral and central. Peripheral vertigo originates in the part of your inner ear that controls balance. Central vertigo originates from your brain. We treat both.

We are neurologists, all Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. You can trust in our training.

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Why A Neurologist for Vertigo Treatment?

We neurologists are trained and experienced in treating diseases of the nerves – including the vestibular nerves of your inner ear, crucial for proper balance. Because of this special focus, we have the expertise, testing, and medications needed to diagnose and treat your vertigo.

We accept Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Aetna, United Healthcare, and other insurance.

We have a limited number of appointments available for new patients: in-office or by phone, or online.